How do I request a refill on my medicine?
To request a refill on your medication, please call your pharmacy and have them fax the request to us. This will help us avoid errors on the names and doses of your medicine.


What if my medicine needs to be a written prescription?
You may leave a request for your written prescriptions on your nurse’s voice mail.


How long does it take to get a refill?
Most refills can be processed the same day, but we ask you to allow up to 3 days to process a request.


What if I am out of my medicine?
If you are out of your medicine, you are probably due for an appointment. Please have the pharmacy fax the request and call to schedule an appointment. After making your appointment ask to be transferred to your nurse to let them know that you are out of medicine and when your appointment has been scheduled.


What is E-Scribe?
E-Scribe is short for Electronic Prescribing. Your prescriptions may be sent to the pharmacy by computer. If your doctor uses the E-Scribe to send your medicines, you will not have a prescription to take to the pharmacy. You should give the pharmacy standard time to fill your prescriptions. If you have not used the pharmacy before, you will need to register with them before they can process your request.


How often do I need to be seen by my doctor?
It is recommended you have a physical yearly for preventive care. In addition to a physical if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc., you will need to see the doctor every 6 months. You may be asked to come in more often if you are newly diagnosed. Your doctor will set up a schedule for you based on your personal medical needs.


How do I request my medical records?
Due to patient privacy laws, all requests for records must have a signed release form. You can find a copy of the form under Insurance & Forms. You may mail the form, bring it to our office or fax it to our office at (843)763-7411. Medical records will be copied for a fee. Your request will be sent to a copying service that will bill you directly. Should you have any question regarding this process, please call the office at 763-9472.


Who will take care of me if I need to be admitted into the hospital?
We partner with the Roper St. Francis Hospitalist service. Hospitalists are doctors who are board certified in Internal or Family Medicine and specialize in caring for patients in the hospital. Because they work exclusively in the hospital setting, the hospitalists are never far away should an emergency arise. Our office works closely with the hospitalist service to provide them with all of your pertinent medical information and in turn, the practice will receive a full summary of the care provided to you while you were hospitalized.